ART ON DEMAND (AOD) is a collaborative participatory project. Its primary aim is to make art accessible by taking it out of the expected exhibition spaces and bringing it to targeted private spaces, creating tailor-made works that are intimate, useful and immersive.

It started as a delivery service but it can be much more: with your contribution!

There are two Keystones:

A: The Actions: Exploring by doing

B: The Reflections: Essays and articles

You can contribute to both!


A: Contribute an Action

JOIN THE AOD movement and explore new paths. Make your own AOD event in the area of your choice and share it on this platform. Think of a concept/an experience within the realm of art-audience-market group that you would like to explore and share.

1. You can be a team or a single person- you have to be a professional artist.

2. Define a market (socio-economical, cultural, geographical, language, population density, etc.) that you will target for AOD.

3. Think carefully and conceptually about experimenting with a price for your art, taking into consideration your target market.

4. Create a menu with artistic experiences and/or items on offer (less is more, 4 is an effective number).

5. Contact us.  Tell us briefly about your artistic practice and submit a proposal. You will become a satellite member of AOD.  We can provide advice, discuss your ideas and advertise your action on our website and social media pages.

6. Document your action day.  This is mandatory!  It is ideal to have video footage, in addition to some photos.

7. Review your Action: This can be either written or in video form.  AOD will provide you with a form to help you keep track of everything.

8. Upload your Action. You will be featured on this site and through social media channels.  You will become a satellite member and part of an international network of artists.


B: Contribute Text

Write reflections, essays, articles or other experimental writings that analyze, inform and critically discuss the underlying concepts of art on demand.

JOIN the writer’s section of AOD.